Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots Review

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated With Steel Safety Toe Boots Review

Kenetrek is a very famous brand in the industry of boots and safety shoes. And if you are a lineman, you know for sure that many lineworkers would love to have a pair of Kenetrek boots. Now, I made this Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots Review to help lineworkers, like you, to see whether this pair is a good kind or not.

Essentially, all lineworkers and apprentices need a good pair of lineman boots along with the lineman tools and gears. And if this is your first time to purchase your lineman boots, this may largely help you in making your buying decisions.

Now, Kenetrek, as mentioned, is a well-known brand for safety boots. They have been in the industry for many years now. Moreover, they offer several kinds of safety boots for different workers and laborers. As for the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots, this pair largely designed for lineworkers.

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots ReviewKenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots Review

The Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots is one of the best-selling boots of today. In fact, many lineworkers have this specific pair, especially the journeymen and tenured lineworkers. But, if you are an apprentice who is still working your way into the lineman field, don’t get overwhelmed because this might be the pair that is right for you.

General Built, Appearance, and Structure

This Kenetrek pair of boots has a 10-inch shaft. And this is quite average for a lineworker working on sites and fields. Also, it features a brown and black color which is pretty much fitting for any lineworker.

Some users may see the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme as a great pair of outdoor lineman boots due to its appearance and style. Hence, you would see hunters and active people wear this pair of boots as well.

Materials and Durability

This pair from Kenetrek largely uses a 2.8 mm full-grain leather. Also, the brand takes pride in its double and triple stitching because it adds durability in the overall built of the said pair of boots.

Accordingly, it is seen that lineworkers who use this are quite satisfied with the quality of the materials and structure.

Features and Specifications

The outsoles of the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Boots features a K-73 function. And this is mainly the feature that is responsible for its great treading and traction. In addition, it has a forged boot hardware that makes it corrosion-resistant. Alongside this, it is also water-resistant.

As for the insulation properties, lineworkers state that this pair of boots from Kenetrek has a great insulation application. Furthermore, it is a steel toe boot. So, security and safety are added as well. And just like any pair of Kenetrek boots, this specific pair meets the needed ASTM impact and safety standards.

Costs and Terms

For a price below $500, you can already have this pair of boots. But, if the cost, budget, and price play a huge factor in your buying decisions, then this might not be the best option for you. Nevertheless, the Kenetrek Lineman Extreme boots are a great pair for lineworkers.

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