Choosing A Lineman School

Choosing a lineman school is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to be a lineman. Without proper training and good guidance, it’s difficult to find a company that will hire you as a lineworker.

With the inflating demand for lineworkers, the number of institutions and schools that offer training is quite increasing as well. In fact, many cooperatives and organizations today offer such kind of training.

But, how would you choose a lineman school that is suitable for you?

The first step you need to do is to learn all the basics. These primarily include how the system works for lineworkers or linemen.

Apprentice vs Journeyman

When you aim to be a fine lineman or even wireman in the electrical industry, you must start with being an apprentice. An apprentice is basically a person who is currently enrolled in a lineman school or in an apprenticeship program.

Most of the time, an apprentice is inside a classroom learning all the theoretical basis and principles that there is to know in the industry. Some time within the program, apprentices are encouraged to get experiences.

These experiences are obtained when an apprentice gets to do outdoor tasks with a journeyman.

As for journeyman linemen, they are essentially the experts in the field. They get to do jobs even without supervision. But, keep in mind that journeymen also started as apprentices.

Journeyman linemen are licensed. Whereas apprentices are basically on-the-job trainees who are working to complete the required hours to pass the program.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lineman School

When finding a school or institution, there are several factors you need to consider. And in knowing all of these, you can effectively choose the best one for you.

Take time first to consider these things.

Location and State

Your location plays an important role when choosing a lineman school. Although the basic application requirements are all the same for every state, there are some regions that may require additional forms and documents.

Also, there are quite a lot of local communities who offer apprenticeship training. Each of these centers has their own respective application processes. So, if you are wondering how to apply, you may want to visit your local offices.

The hours of training and apprenticeship may also vary depending on the state or location.


When you apply for an apprenticeship, you will receive different kinds of certifications and licenses. Certainly, they are all important to the chosen career. While there are only specific certifications and licenses needed to become a lineman, additional certifications and accreditation are helpful in establishing your name in the industry.

Hence, it is very important for you to check whether a certain school or center offers to grant you certificates and licenses once the training is completed.

Also, try to check as well what are the distinctions and certificates that the school is issuing to their graduates.

There are some schools that grant an all-inclusive certification. And there are as well that grant only the initial certificates for you to become a lineman. And there are schools that provide training only.

Credibility and Connections

lineman schoolIn choosing your school, it essential that you check the credibility of the school. Try to research the background of the academe or center.

There is no denying the fact that some institutions are way better than the others. So, you have to be critical in choosing the one that will guide you in your career.

Additionally, look for the connections that the school has to the industry. If a school or a program is administered by a known electrical organization in the society, most likely they produce quality results. And these kinds of information will help you decide if the school fits your interests or not.

Program Inclusions

Another thing that you need to consider is the program inclusions. Lineman schools basically offer programs to teach you everything you need to learn when it comes to being a lineman. But, each school has its own distinct offerings.

In the recent times, there are schools that provide the PPE or personal protective equipment for the apprentices aside from the learning materials. And there other schools that give outside opportunities for their enrollees.

The program inclusions are very helpful in building your career as a lineman. But, remember that not all lineman schools have this kind of offering. So, you have to check as well if there are other inclusions in the curriculum.

Payments and Wages

Apprentices have salary and wages as well. Essentially, when an apprentice goes out to do tasks with a journeyman lineman, the apprentice gets a percentage of a contract payment or gets a fixed salary.

The amount of salary and the terms of conditions largely depend on the institution you would attend to. Hence, see to it that before you enroll in a program in a lineman school, you would check all the details.

The average percentage that an apprentice could get nowadays is 60% of the total salary of a journeyman. Although, salaries may differ depending on state and school or institution.

Costs and Enrollment Fees

The last thing you need to consider  (but not the least though) is the cost and fee of enrollment. Program fees may depend on the institution along with the inclusions of the program and the length of a program.

Some schools have an all-inclusive 3-year program. Others, however, can reach up to 6 years or more.

The lowest tuition for attending a lineman school is around $350 per year. However, some schools may require even up to $5000 annually.

Hence, the total costs largely vary on the school you choose to attend to. While some aspirants tend to see it as a very expensive choice of learning, some apparently see it as a very cost-effective option. Nevertheless, attending a lineman school is an investment. Besides, you still get to have salaries and benefits while learning. And it’s pretty much a win-win scenario.

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