Being a lineman is not an easy profession. In fact, it requires a lot of tasks that may pose danger and hazard. And since the job largely deals with electrical wires (both live and de-energized), lineman use personal protective
Lineworkers or linemen play an important role in the society. Aside from electricians, they are the most suitable group of people to handle power lines and electrical towers using different insulated lineman tools and equipment. By and large, a
Choosing a lineman school is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to be a lineman. Without proper training and good guidance, it’s difficult to find a company that will hire you as
Lineman Boots & Tools Reviews
Well-made tools and boots are the keys to a safe and effective day on the job.
R-deer Insulated Screwdriver set review
When I started my apprenticeship to achieve my dreams of being a lineman, I have no idea of what tools should I have. Although they are basically taught during classroom sessions, I don’t know where to start looking for
Greenlee Insulated Screwdriver Kit Review
Are you looking for a set of screwdrivers? If it’s a yes, then you have come to the right place! I have here a Greenlee Insulated Screwdriver Kit review for you to check. In this guide, I’ve included both
Danner Flashpoint II Leather Boots Review
Being a lineman is not only limited to men. Apparently, many women today aims to become a lineworker. In fact, several lineman schools state that more than 50% of their apprentices are women. And as a female lineworker for
pole shark climbing gear
You may probably have heard of the Pole Shark Climbing Gear from Canada. And certainly, you’ve heard it from your superior journeyman lineworkers. But, what is with this climbing gear that makes it so popular and yet myserious? In every lineman school, safety is very much emphasized. This is