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Should You Wear Lineman Safety Glasses?

A pair of lineman safety glasses is one of the most underrated protective gears. The reason behind is that many people don’t see the real essence of wearing them. And some would largely see them as useless pieces.

Apparently, safety glasses are essential to anyone who works in the electrical industry. In fact, they are part of the basic personal protective equipment of a lineman. So, if you intend to pursue this career or enter a lineman school, you must very well understand why you need to wear them.

The Apparent Eye-Related Dangers of Working as A Lineman

In the recent times, it is seen that three out of five injured lineworkers are not wearing the proper safety eyewear. And most incidents that happen in the workplace are due to not wearing the right safety glasses. Accordingly, lineworkers belong in the top 5 industrial groups of people who experience eye injuries.

lineman safety glasses

When climbing posts, poles, and towers, small particles tend to make contact with the eyes. This could largely irritate the eyes and would cause different kinds of accidents such as falling or slipping upon the ascend.

Also, when lineworkers work with cables and lines both live and unenergized, the flow of electricity could strike the eyes. And this may result in blindness.

Moreover, even if you are not the one who is dealing with the wires, but you are near from the working station, there is still a huge chance for your eyes to establish a contact with several particles.

Wearing Lineman Safety Glasses

With all the given risks and dangers of working as a lineman to the eyes, it is only fitting that you wear the right safety glasses.

Now, there are different kinds of safety glasses. And in each industry, there is a specific design that is meant for them to wear. As for lineworkers, the appropriate safety glasses are called the dielectric safety glasses.

By and large, dielectric safety glasses use a material that has no conductive substances. Also, all parts of these glasses are non-metals. Hence, when electricity tries to pass through, the glasses will insulate the flow.

In addition, the right dielectric safety glasses must be EH certified. So, if it does not come with an EH rating, it only means that safety is not largely ensured.

If you want to know more about these safety glasses, you may utilize this video for your own use:

Accompanying Standard PPE

Wearing the right safety glasses is essential. It can minimize the risks and dangers. But generally, you should not only rely on wearing the appropriate eyewear. It is also a must that you follow the right and standard PPE of lineworkers.

The basic PPE includes lineman boots, safety gloves, harnesses, high-visibility suits, and safety glasses. And the most important of all is the lineman boots.

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Nevertheless, you must understand the importance of wearing lineman safety glasses along with the other basic PPE. A lineman’s job can be very risky. But, it can also be very safe as long as the proper procedures are followed and the right safety gears are worn.