lineman clothing

The Proper Lineman Clothing

Being a lineman is one of the toughest jobs today. Since it is accustomed to all types of risks, as well as facing all kinds of environmental condition, it will take courage and strong will to be a lineman. Accordingly, this is also why they need to have proper lineman clothing for their safety.

The Need For Proper Clothing

A lineman needs high-quality gear or clothing to protect them from lineman clothingany hazards while doing their job. So, to make sure that they are properly protected and to keep them safe, there is a safety standard set for the lineman clothing.

By and large, they are prone to fatal accidents. They not only travel long distance but also endure no matter the weather is, and most especially during calamities to which power interruptions and breakdown are a normal dilemma anywhere.

They also climb great heights, be it a narrow line post or a massive tower plant. Linemen risk their lives just so we can enjoy the power we use to our work and daily living, they risk their lives in any time, any day, so we can enjoy the power that keeps the lights on.

Without Linemen, we cannot enjoy the power that we need to finish all our daily chores and tasks; we cannot use our gadgets; there will be no appliances in every home; no social networking; and worst, we will be doomed to live in darkness.

The Proper Set of Clothing

Apparently, it includes a proper fabric to use for their shirt. A lineman must wear the right material for their clothing, and that which is tested for flame resistance. And this is to ensure their safety in case of an electrical breakdown. A lineman must also take into consideration the best boots fit for their job.

The electrical breakdown may cause a huge blast that can include high temperature and intense pressure over a massive explosion. And that is why for linemen, what they wear is very critical because they are exposed to those kinds of accidents.

Accordingly, these accidents are life-threatening. It can cause the worse of injuries that may lead to more serious damage to a lineman. Severe burns; broken bones; loss of hearing; blindness; memory loss; and worst of all, death.

Protective Gears and Clothing

Linemen must be provided with protective gears besides wearing the proper lineman clothing. He must have a hard hat to protect his hair and head and safety eyeglasses or goggles to protect the eyes. Also, it is a must to also wear a face shield to protect his whole face.

A lineman must also cover his hands by wearing a pair of insulating rubber gloves with leather protector. Safety shoes or lineman boots are equally important, especially when climbing heights, a pole or the electrical towers.

In addition to safety, a lineman gear and clothing must also be comfortable. Flexibility and range of motion are very important so they can move or climb with perfect ease without any feeling of irritation so as to avoid disturbances and accidents. It must be perfectly fit.