pole shark climbing gear

A Lineman’s Pole Shark Climbing Gear

You may probably have heard of the Pole Shark Climbing Gear from Canada. And certainly, you’ve heard it from your superior journeyman lineworkers. But, what is with this climbing gear that makes it so popular and yet myserious?

In every lineman school, safety is very much emphasized. This is because everything that you will do in the field once you become a lineman will be risky. Moreover, the day-to-day tasks are not simple. In fact, they are very life-threatening. And with one mistake, there could be casualties.

With these things at hand, it is only fitting that safety is highly regarded in every lineman institution and company.

But, what does it have to do with the Pole Shark Gear?

Now, the Pole Shark equipment is a safety tool that is largely pole shark climbing gearrecommended by many lineworkers in the field. This is because the gear is one of those tools that passed the standards of the industry with flying colors.

Apparently, it is not mysterious at all. And you are certainly familiar with this tool. It’s just that most lineworkers today would refer to them as the “BuckSqueeze.”

Other names for this equipment include the Pole Choker, Stop Fall, and Pole Lariat.

What Is The Importance of This Equipment?

This equipment is largely utilized by many lineworkers in the field. In addition, some lineman centers and institution would require each apprentice and student to have their own pole shark or BuckSqueeze.

And this is all because it is a restrictive tool that will keep you safe and secure as you climb poles.

Although some may call it as Pole Shark gears, they are pretty much a simple fall-restrictive device to keep you from slipping and falling in heights. Moreover, they are included in the list of tools that are included in the Personal Protective Equipment of a lineman.

As for a lineman’s set of FPE or Fall Protection Equipment, it is one of the main tools that is largely required. And without this gear, you cannot actually fulfill your lineman task.

Theoretically, this equipment will function as a hindrance to your supposed free-fall. If in case you slip or an accident occur in the air, the Pole Shark or the BuckSqueeze will prevent you from falling. Although it will allow you to fall for a few inches, it will essentially restrict you from proceeding to your fall.

Why Is It Called A Pole Shark?

By and large, the name “Pole Shark” is just derived from the name of the product series. Scepter, the name of the brand, produced its restrictive device and named it Pole Shark.

The same is true for BuckSqueeze, Pole Lariat, and Stop Fall. They are basically just the names of their respective product series. But since lineworkers use them on a daily basis, they would normally call them according to their series names.

So, when you hear someone in the field asking for their Pole Shark, it can simply mean that they are looking for their BuckSqueeze or Stop Fall or simply their Fall Belts.