lineman climbing boots

Lineman Climbing Boots and What They Are

Lineworkers have their own distinct personal protective gears. For instance, their lineman climbing boots are far different from the common safety boots. So, if you are new in the industry or you are about to enter an apprenticeship program, this is a very important matter to consider.

A pair of lineman boots is one of the primary safety gears of a lineworker and an apprentice. Without this, one cannot continue to work on site. Apparently, this is a must-have for every lineman.

lineman climbing boots

When you enter a lineman school, you will receive strict instructions which normally includes the required specifications of a boot. And since there is a wide variety of lineman boots, it can be quite challenging to find the right one for you. Nevertheless, you still have to acquire what it required.

What Are Lineman Climbing Boots?

A pair of lineman climbing boots should have a steel arch. And this arch should run across the arch area of the sole. Without this feature, you cannot consider it as lineman boots.

Apparently, many people have this notion that logger boots are just similar to lineman boots. This is not true. Logger boots have the ultimate traction on the sole which allows the lumberjacks to roll the logs.

As for the lineman boots, they are designed to provide support and safety to lineworkers during each climb on poles, posts, and towers. So, you would always see that these boots are always 10 inches tall and above.

One example of a great lineman footwear is seen in this Wesco Highliner Lineman Boots Review.

Exclusive Features of Lineman Boots

There are distinct features that make lineman boots different from other safety shoes and boots. And if you are looking for your own, your lineman boots must have these:

  • Steel side plates to protect the overall material of the boot
  • Leather side patches to keep the poles, posts, and other materials from damaging the boot
  • Steel breast plates to secure the boot from special climbing irons that lineworkers use
  • Leather half-slips to fully extend the arch support

In addition, an effective pair of lineman boots must also have appropriate certifications. If a certain boot does not come with such, it can only mean one thing. And that is to failing the standard safety measures that are designed for lineman boots.

Other Features

Although there are standard features that a pair of lineman boots should have, there are additional features as well. These are the ones that provide extra protection for doing tasks on site.

  • Weatherproofing
  • Insulation
  • Aggressive traction and treading
  • Steel shanks
  • Efficient types of laces
  • Toe caps
  • Leather lining

Today, the market offers a wide variety of lineman boots. And for an aspirant apprentice or lineman, it can be difficult to find the best and efficient. Nevertheless, knowing all of the factors that affect the quality will help one to know if the boots are quality types. You just have to be mindful on how to choose the right boots.