lineman rain gear

Everything There Is To Know About Lineman Rain Gear

A lineman rain gear is a protective gear designed to protect lineworkers during the rainy season. And it is largely needed due to the apparent risks of working with wet and live wires.

Today, there are varieties of protective rain gears that are available in the market. And lineworkers can actually choose from different types and competitive brands. But even so, quality must be the first priority since safety is largely the subject.

And with the increasing number of types and variations, it can be quite challenging for some lineworkers to choose the most appropriate for them.

Now, if you are looking for a great protective rain gear for your lineman tasks, this quick guide may help you.

Qualities of A Lineman Rain Gear

It is important for you to note that in choosing the right rain gear, you need to consider several factors.

Materials and Durability

Primarily, you must choose a rain gear that is made with high-quality materials. The fabrics must meet or exceed the required or standard for a lineman’s safety.

Safety Features

You should choose a rain gear that will protect you from any lineman rain gearphysical hazards. Features like waterproof and fire-resistant should also be incorporated. And alongside these features, it must keep you cool and comfortable when you work.

It is also important for you to consider the rain gear to be in high visibility or in reflectorized color when worn. This is because during stormy weather is when zero visibility in the outdoor occurs.

In addition, the gear must also be carefully designed for minimal burn percentage or best, none at all.  You are very much exposed to extreme open flash fire when working during the rainy season.  Lineworkers know this very well since an electrical outage is normal due to an incidental short circuit or dampen open wirings in flooded areas.

Physical Attributes

A Lineman rain gear must also be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Flexibility and range of motion are very important too.

Moreover, it must cover you from head to toe for utmost safety besides keeping you dry and cool. Furthermore, all metal accessories in a raingear like zippers must be non-conductive.

Brands You Can Choose

As for the brands, the most competitive brand for these kinds of apparel is the Legion Safety. In fact, they have a wide variety of safety gears for workers specifically in the field of electrical systems.

They have different styles of waist-length jacket, long raincoats, several styles for trousers and overalls. Also, you could check their protective hand gloves, safety headwear, and lineman boots.

They also have protective jeans and lightweight shirts available for ordinary working days for a lineman.

Final Thoughts

Bad weather can be anything from hassle to becoming a very serious safety risk, especially to dedicated lineworkers.

But even so, lineworkers can’t stop working most especially during times that electricity is much needed by everyone and anyone. And with the right safety rain gear, you will be safe and equipped to battle even the stormiest weather.