KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife Review

KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife Review

If you are an electrician or a lineman, you know how important cable knives are. In fact, they are one of the must-have tools for lineworkers. Recently, I bought one for my brother since it’s his first month in the apprenticeship program. And here’s my KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife review.

Before giving it to my brother, I get to experience this cable knife first. And I thought of helping others who are looking for common lineman tools as well. Well, it’s quite challenging to find the quality sets of tools. So, I hope my take would largely help you in your search.

A Personal Take: KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife Review

Cable knives are one of the basic tools in a lineman’s toolbox. Hence, it is only fitting that you find the best quality on the market today.

But due to the wide selection of cable knives nowadays, it can be quite difficult to find the one that is right for you. Nevertheless, there are still a few products that can cater the best functions.

The KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife is not the best among all cable knives. But it works fine. It can do the basic jobs such as cutting and splitting wires.

I tried it primarily on behalf of my brother since I wanted him to have the best lineman tools and equipment. And I find this cable knife quite fitting to any apprentice or trainee who simply wants to experience different tools.

But for a professional and tenured lineworker, this cable knife can be challenging to use. It’s not very sharp and the material is not a stainless-steel. And in my experience of being a lineman for how many years now, a sharp cable knife is a must. Plus, I do prefer a high-grade of steel too.

Key Features and Inclusions

KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife ReviewThe KNIPEX 98 54 features an insulation. This is important and necessary as lineworkers normally work with live power lines and cables. I tried it with a live wire back in the field and it seems to be working.

The maximum that it can reach is at 1000 volts. So, that’s a good point.

Another thing I love about this cable knife is its handle. The handle features an anti-slip grip. Apparently, it can give you full comfort as it fits perfectly in the hands. I can attest to this. In fact, many actual users take the grip as the best feature of the KNIPEX 98 54.

Also, the back edge of the blade has a plastic lining for further security when handling cables and wires.

The only thing that comes with the knife is a transparent protective cap. It’s quite efficient in keeping the blade safe and secure.

It is made in Germany. But, it’s quite surprising since the price is pretty cheap. For a price under the 20-dollar range, you can already have a decent insulated cable knife.

All-in-all, I find the KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife nice and functional. Homeowners and apprentices could largely use this. But for professional lineworkers, I suggest for you to keep looking.

In any case, this is a short video of the KNIPEX 98 54 Insulated Cable Knife Review:

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