lineman accessories

The Basic Lineman Accessories

When you plan to attend a lineman school, you should know that there are several tool requirements. But, as an apprentice, you will be dealing with the basic lineman accessories first.

So, do you know what these accessories are? 

lineman accessories

Many aspirants today do not even have an idea when it comes to the basic tools and accessories. If you want to know which tools you may need on your first few weeks, you may read it here. As for the accessories, just continue to read on.

The Basic Lineman Accessories

Apparently, the accessories of a lineman are as essential as the tools. Without the proper and right accessories, one cannot proceed with the designated tasks.

Accordingly, these accessories are designed to provide safety, convenience, and security while working on a certain task. It may include the safety gears, apparels, and other secondary supplies to complement the primary tools. It is quite safe to say that these accessories are necessities to support the functions of the primary tools.

So, it is important that you familiarize yourself with these, especially if you are aiming to get a slot in a lineman school.

  • Suits and Apparels

When working on site, there are only specific suits and apparels that are allowed for lineworkers. If a lineman needs to climb poles and towers, he should wear proper apparels. This may include decent shirts and jeans.

On the other hand, if a lineman is tasked to manage live cables and wires, a conductive suit is required.

  • Boots and Shoes

All lineworkers need to wear a decent pair of lineman boots. The required specifications of a boot are largely dependent on the institution, company, and site.

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  • Tool Belts

Tool belts are essentially designed for linemen. And they are not your typical leather belts. In fact, they are much more fully-functional and all-inclusive. Moreover, they provide support for climbing and storage for the tools.

  • Holsters

Holsters are like open pockets. And they are made to accommodate different lineman tools. Also, lineman holsters are normally clipped on tool belts so that lineworkers will no longer need to bring tool boxes and large tool bags.

  • Pole Straps and Harnesses

The job of a lineworker largely includes the climbing of poles, towers, and posts. So, line accessories that can provide support and safety are must-haves. Accordingly, pole straps and harnesses are some of these must-haves.

They are designed for assisted climbing, restraint, and positioning. But, there are different kinds of pole straps and harnesses. So, depending on your weight, height, and other external factors, the ones that are appropriate for you may not be good enough for others.

  • Pole Climbers and Climber Pads and Straps

Other accessories designed for supporting the climbing activities of a lineman include the pole climber, climber pads, and climber straps.

They all come in different sizes, capacities, and design. But these accessories are all meant to provide safety and efficiency during a climb.

These are some of the basic lineman accessories. If you want to learn more about the other tools and sets of accessories, you may want to watch this video: